Blackjack in Europe

How Blackjack is played in Europe

One of the favourite games of people all over the world is Blackjack, in fact in the casinos of Las Vegas these are the tables that the public looks for the most and therefore the ones that have the greatest number of options in all its modalities.

There are several different versions of this game, there are some that are played with only one set of cards, others in which you play two hands and you can change cards between them and the traditional American Blackjack that is played with 8 sets of cards. There is also European Blackjack which has certain differences which are explained below.

Number of cards

The European form of Blackjack only uses two packs of cards, which gives you a better chance of keeping a card count, whereas the American style uses between six and eight sets of cards to play the game.

How they are dealt

In the European version the dealer gives himself an uncovered card and if he has 21 cards when he receives his full set, the game ends with no chance for the participants to participate. In the American version the house receives two cards, one face up and one face down, and waits for everyone to play their game before opening theirs.

Double down and split the hand

In the American version, players can split their game into two hands if they have matching cards of any value, but in the European version you can only do so if you have 9 or higher value cards. Likewise, in the Old Continent version you can only split your hand once, while in the traditional version you can split your hand up to three times.

Territory where the game is played

This rule seems a bit absurd but it does exist. In the United States, only American Blackjack is allowed to be played and the European version is forbidden; but in Europe and Asia, where the European type of game is more common, the American game is allowed. Fortunately, in our Card Games section you can enjoy both options.


In the American version you have the option to surrender, i.e. when you think you will lose you can quit the game and only lose half of your stake, but in the European version there is no such option.

Have fun playing Blackjack in the version you like best, we also have roulette, poker, bingo and many other games that will keep you excited and having a great time.

Author: Nola Bowes

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