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Best Bookmakers and their secrets: Learn how to make your choice

You are not going to read the typical self-congratulatory speech that anyone would give you in this context. We want you to understand what criteria you need to follow in order to choose one of all the bookmakers available on the market – of which there are many – that meets your needs. And that we will finally be your favourite bookmaker.

But be careful! We also want to make you understand that there are some minimum requirements not only for us, but for everyone. There are many new bookmakers, and there will be more and more. And that’s why it’s not so easy to choose. Here we will show you some of the Safe Gambling Tips that we comply with, and that make this the leading online and retail bookmaker.

If you’re interested, read on!

What you should NOT believe about online bookmakers

We have already told you in this Sports Betting Blog: there are some myths related to what a Bookmaker is and what Online Gambling represents that you should not believe at face value, nor should you take lightly.

It is true that it is not so many years since Online Gambling has been truly regulated. And that means that there is still a somewhat negative concept of it in society. But it is something that is changing very quickly. More and more users are opting for online gambling as a regular, safe and secure form of leisure.

These are some of the misconceptions that still exist about bookmakers:

  • None of them guarantee that you will win every time. The ‘Safe Bet’ thing is not true, and if you read the small print, it is always clear.
  • The value of odds: an odds itself has no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ value. The value of the odds depends on the value that you as a player give it.
  • Welcome Bonuses are NOT a scam, but they are NOT free money. You have to use them wisely and responsibly, nothing more. In our case, it’s simple. We directly double your first deposit with free bets. This means that if you sign up and make a first deposit of $20, we will automatically give you another $20 in free bets. No catch, no catch.
  • “The bookmaker is always on the safe side. It’s not entirely true, but it’s not untrue either. A bookmaker is a profit-seeking company just like any other.
  • “There are bets for everything”. False. There are hundreds of markets (simple, system, handicap) and a multitude of sports available, but there is not always the bet that you want to place.

As we say, it is a good idea to review these myths about bookmakers before you start playing.

New Betting Licences: What should we demand?

But be careful: let’s go back to the concept of Safe Gambling. There are certain minimum standards that, as we have already said, you must demand from the best bookmakers. Let’s see what they are.

Safe Gambling Rules for all Bookmakers

  • Safe Gambling Badges. The bookmaker must be within the current gambling regulation platforms and schemes, and have the Safe Gambling badges clearly visible.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Methods. Must have reliable and recognised security systems (PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Trustly, Skrill, etc.).
  • Verification methods. Likewise, all documentation and personal data of each user must be correctly verified so that the user feels safe and secure when playing.
  • Terms and Conditions. Each Bonus and Promotion must be properly explained, and even the sports betting rules must be present and easy to find.
  • Customer Service. There should be such a department, of course. And have a good team of professionals and as many communication channels as possible.
  • Help systems. Navigating the website must be easy and intuitive. And if we get lost, we must always have a help button to turn to.
  • Sports Betting Blog with tips. It is not superfluous to have an educational part with more Tips apart from Responsible Gambling: how to win betting, tips for betting on football, etc.

The best Online Betting Houses sites

Fulfils each and every one of the requirements that have been explained here, in relation to what should be demanded of a bookmaker.

You will enjoy a betting house that:

  • Is inside and bets on Safe Gambling
  • It has the best Welcome Bonus on the market: we double your 1st deposit up to 100$. Directly. Without having to play several times the value of your first deposit.
  • With a multitude of sports and betting markets to bet on.
  • With lots of bonuses and promotions available all year round.
  • Up to 8 different deposit and withdrawal methods available.
  • It has a fast and modern website; intuitive and simple, which explains everything you need to know to learn how to bet and enjoy the game.
  • It also has a modern App for Smartphones.
  • It is up to date in terms of contact systems and customer service.
  • It has online poker and casino services. All on the same platform
  • Live betting available
  • Streaming TV service
  • It has just launched UNO: the possibility of grouping shop and online accounts, all in a single channel.
  • And on top of that it offers you the best betting tips from this Sports Betting Blog

You’ve seen: we’re not hypocrites, of course we sweep the house a little bit! But who wouldn’t? And we do it by being honest: we have provided you with tips that will help you not only to register, but also to find the best bookmakers in general. Or, at least, the ones that are safe and reliable and won’t cause you any problems.

A demonstration of strength as one of the best bookmakers is that it is an official sponsor of the best football league in the world. This agreement, which has been linking the two entities since the 2014/15 season and has been renewed following commitment to quality of service.

Can anyone offer betting?

It was 2012 when the Online Gambling Law came into force. A new era began in the world of online betting and the best bookmakers applied for a licence to be able to operate legally. And of course, sites which have already been offering in-store betting since 2009, was one of them.

As you can see if you click on the link, the number of licences is increasing year after year. That is why it is so important to know how to choose the best bookmaker from such a large list.

Another reason, as we said at the beginning, that it has one of the best Safe Gaming systems. Prevention, cost limitation, self-exclusion, responsible gambling test and prevention of addictive gambling behaviour, etc.

Having said that, we hope we have been of help and… that you liked our offer!

Thank you and good luck!

Author: Nola Bowes

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