ESports betting tips

ESports betting tips

  • Know and visit specialised websites;
  • Study the different betting markets well;
  • Differentiate markets according to the type of game (CS:GO, LoL…);
  • Follow professionals in the sector (players, teams, top events, etc.);
  • Try to watch as many events as possible as a spectator.
  • (If you can!): Play as a fan of the games you want to bet on.

We haven’t talked about this last feature so far, but its logic stands on its own weight: it is clear that by playing Counter Strike, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 or League of Legends games we can understand the mechanics of these games much better and know with more certainty how and why the betting markets for these e-sports are established.

Then, when you’ve put all these practices together and a little time has passed, you’ll have a big enough picture to start tackling your eSports betting.

But what about the specifics of each game?

eSports betting: LoL

League of Legends, or LoL, is undoubtedly one of the most played multiplayer online video games in the world, and one of the favourite titles for eSports fans. Its progression took off a few years ago, when it surpassed 70 million registered players worldwide.

The basic mechanic of the game is to control a character with a specific set of skills to move around a stage with other players (the game is based on team battles) and try to defeat the opposing team, usually by destroying their Nexus or central structure.

Each character has a different set of weapons and abilities.

Games usually last up to an hour, and there are several LoL betting markets to enjoy:

  • Winning team betting.
  • Map Winner betting.
  • Total Kills per Map.
  • Team that will achieve the most kills.
  • Will achieve quadruple/quintuple kills.
  • Destroy Towers.
  • Destroy Inhibitors.
  • Kill a Dragon.
  • Kill a Baron.

eSports Betting: CS:GO

Within eSports betting, CS:GO betting is arguably the most popular. Counter Strike: Global Offensive events are the most popular around the world, with very popular events such as Intel Extreme Masters, which can award prizes of up to $1 million.

CS:GO is a multiplayer online first-person shooter video game, in which two teams are formed:

  • Cops or Counter-Terrorists;
  • Terrorists.

These teams compete in open field scenarios, closed places such as offices, castles or industrial platforms (there are scenarios for all tastes) and the mechanics of the game is simple: defeat the opposing team by buying and using all kinds of weaponry.

The catalogue of weapons is very up to date: pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, automatic rifles, machine guns, etc.

Basically, there are two ways to defeat the opposing team:

  • By killing all members of the opposing team.
  • If you are a terrorist: by planting a bomb and making it explode before the counter-terrorist team manages to defuse it, even if you don’t kill all of them.
  • If you are a counter-terrorist: even if you don’t kill all the terrorists, defusing the bomb if it has been planted.

CS:GO games are usually played over a total of 30 rounds. Each round is won by the team that achieves the objectives described above. The first team to reach 16 rounds won is the winner. This simple method of competition is the basis of the big Counter Strike tournaments which, as we say, form part of the eSports gaming elite.

eSports betting: Starcraft 2

If we have already seen a video game based on controlling characters with skills (LoL) and a first-person shooter (CS:GO), Starcraft 2, another eSports classic, is the king when it comes to betting on real-time strategy video games.

In Starcraft 2, the player can control one of three races available in the game

  • Terrans (or humans descended from Terrans).
  • Protoss (an advanced alien race with psionic powers).
  • Zerg (another primitive alien race, based on the expansion of their own structures, made of organic matter. A species of aliens).

Games consist of defeating the opponent by using the resources available on a terrain map (minerals, vespene gas) and developing increasingly powerful buildings and armies.

The big Starcraft 2 tournaments are real battles of strategy and psychology, particularly popular in the Asian world.

eSports betting: Dota 2

It has a community of more than 40 million players, and consists of clashes between two factions, the Dire and the Radiant, separated on a map by three paths, guarded by defensive structures.

Each of these factions forms a team of several players, who must defend their Ancestors, or main structures. There are also heroes with special and unique abilities, which in turn evolve to become better and better.

If you want to bet on eSports

As you can see, betting on eSports requires a deep knowledge of the video game you want to bet on. Therefore, it is essential that you spend time familiarising yourself with it, and let yourself be advised by the information on specialised sites.

In addition you can always consult the best markets available for betting on eSports. The most important tournaments for each title are always available.

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