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Football predictions: Tips to get it right

The first thing to be clear about when looking for or learning how to formulate your own football predictions is that there is a lot of information out there. Sports betting has become a very popular form of entertainment in recent times, and within it, football betting is undoubtedly the most popular. This has led to a multitude of sports betting blogs on the best bookmakers, and websites full of articles that tell us how to learn how to bet.

And within these betting tips, we also offer them to you. But the first key, as we said, is to understand that you have to select. Follow only really good and reliable information. And to have a series of clear basic criteria when making bets, trying to follow a good plan of action based on them.

As they say, too much information is as bad as too little. So read on and you will see that this is one of the articles you should not discard when it comes to information.

Keys to football predictions

In this same Sports Betting Blog there are many articles with tips to learn how to bet from which we could extract valuable information when it comes to making forecasts on any sport (tennis betting, basketball betting…) or winning betting.

But what we are interested in is learning a generalised context, not focusing on a single competition.

And, as we have already said many times in these articles, each tournament has its own peculiarities. So we will try to choose those keys that are general and can be applied to any football bet we want to make.

Keys for any football prediction:

  • Establish the previous parameters of the bets to be made: define well what budget we have and know what Stake or amount we will spend on each bet we make.
  • Narrow down the leagues and/or tournaments to bet on: it is advisable to play only in those scenarios that we already know about. That is to say: bet only on the leagues or tournaments that we control. Do not play on any competition that comes to mind at the moment.
  • Define which betting markets are the ones we like the most or which we control the best: goals, intervals, handicap… same criteria regarding the leagues and tournaments to choose: do not ‘shoot’ on everything, but focus on a few betting markets.
  • Collect information: Save and/or write down all kinds of statistics regarding the different teams and/or players we are going to bet on each week; Know data about goals scored and conceded by each team, how each team plays, if it is offensive or defensive, study direct confrontations between teams… any information in this sense is little.
  • Knowing the latest news about the teams you are going to bet on: injuries and absentees, possible changes and rotations… it is essential to know at what stage the teams are at before betting.
  • Know the objectives and needs of the teams: depending on them, they will perform in one way or another.
  • Don’t forget the punctual tendencies: if a team is in free fall and does nothing but lose, we have to take it into account when making our football predictions; in the same way, the team that is on a roll can be a great vein. Especially if it’s not a top team…

The secret to finding reliable football predictions

We have already seen 7 keys that we can use in all areas of football betting. But we still have the part we discussed at the beginning of the article: even with all this clear… what do I do to identify reliable football picks?

If there is a secret, it is that, apart from following the rules we have just seen, there is no set rule for how to win in the long run with your football betting based on predictions. You have to be serious, read a lot and have a wide range of possibilities to choose from at all times. However, having compiled these tips does make it easier to identify bad football picks.

Discarding predictions made without any prior reasoning already narrows down the range of options. And consulting official sports betting blogs and verified profiles also helps a lot. Without going any further, here you can find forecasts on the vast majority of major competitions.

But be careful! Nobody is infallible, so don’t get upset if you consult third-party football predictions that don’t come true. In the end, they are just that, predictions. The ideal is that you learn and that, in the end, you make them yourself.

Football predictions today: What can you bet on?

We always have at your disposal bets on many of the major European Leagues, as well as the best national and international competitions. Let’s Know:

  • Premier League;
  • Serie A;
  • Bundesliga;
  • Ligue 1;
  • Champions League;
  • Europa League;
  • UEFA Nations League.

And many other competitions, always present in the Football Betting section of our website.

Football betting predictions: a final thought

It would not be good to end this article without making a small reiteration on a basic concept that must be taken into account when, not only making reliable football betting predictions, but any type of sports betting.

And this concept is none other than the fact that in this world there are no written laws or scientific principles.

There are many basic keys, tutorials and initiation guides, and they are very useful. But, once we know how to handle ourselves in the environment and we know which red lines we should not cross, the key to become successful gamblers is only in ourselves.

By following these basic keys we will have the necessary tools to advance: we will be observers, we will have the basic information to face each football match and be able to bet on it… but the intuition to find the right bet, in the end, will be up to us.

So, keep reading articles, get advice, but also arm yourself with patience and practice a lot, and with your head. And then, perhaps, there will come a time when you will become a truly successful player.

Author: Nola Bowes

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