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Slot machine quiz: Oktoberfest

A pint of beer! And fast!

The addition to the bar is going to be loud

Amaya Gaming would like to welcome you to their little version of the planetary beer festival with their Oktoberfest™ slot machine. You’ll be drooling over all the beers that inspire the characters in this slot machine. You’ll see how Amaya Gaming has perfectly reproduced the whole atmosphere of this jovial and highly profitable German tradition. Do you often find yourself at zero the day after Oktoberfest? Do you want to fill your pockets with beer for once? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do at Oktoberfest™ by Amaya Gaming, if you take the time to read our review.

  • Nominate: Oktoberfest.
  • Amaya Gaming Software.
  • Type: Video Slots.
  • Desktop compatible: Yes.
  • Mobile compatible: no.
  • Tablet compatible: no.

Lager or stout, the choice is yours

Dirndl for the ladies and Lederhosen for the gentlemen. You may be wondering what all this jargon is about. Well, these are the names of the men’s and women’s costumes worn by the Germans on the occasion of the Oktoberfest. We will find a brotherhood of beer drinkers mingling on the reels on the main screen of the slot machine. We’ll also have access to pints of beer all over the place, including on the “Spin” button.

The best part

  • Finally, a lucrative Oktoberfest!
  • Let’s drink and eat. Natural needs rewarded.
  • 125.000$ in bonuses, huge!

The Worst

  • Wild symbols are very out of control.

Where are the free spins, Amaya Gaming?

However, drinking that much makes you hungry, and Amaya Gaming knows it well. That’s why we’ll also have access to all the German cuisine in this Oktoberfest™ slot machine. On the icon level, we’ll have two waitresses, a very thirsty bar owner, beer mugs, grilled sausages, beer pipes, accordions, beer barrels, and even horses. Don’t worry, we don’t understand the appearance of these animals on the reels either.

All the way to the bottom, and for the jackpot!

At the betting level on the Oktoberfest™ slot machine, it’s pretty straightforward. The smallest bet you can place is $0.01, with maximum betting options set at $225. Of course, you already know that the final jackpot will depend on the type of bet you place. However, know that if all goes well and you manage to beat the machine, you can win a jackpot of $125,000.

Amaya Gaming has not forgotten to add bonus symbols to its Oktoberfest™ slot machine. As far as the latter are concerned, we have a horse that acts as a Wild symbol. It’s a little disappointing that it can’t be substituted for more than a handful of symbols. But that said, it’s better to have a Wild than nothing, on that you’ll agree with us. With the absence of a Scatter symbol and free spins, Amaya Gaming has had to make sure it has a bonus game. As you will understand, the beer bonus symbol on all the reels will give you access to a pyramid made up of a dozen barrels of beer. And, under the watchful eye of the bar patron, you will have to select the right barrels to hit the jackpot.

Author: Nola Bowes

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