Vampires vs Werewolves slot

Slot Machine Review: Vampires vs Werewolves

A slot machine that shows its fangs.

  • Name: Vampires vs Werewolves.
  • Software: Amaya Gaming.
  • Type: Video Slots.
  • Desktop compatible: Yes.
  • Mobile compatible: no.
  • Tablet compatible: no.

If you’re into the vampire and werewolf craze that has emerged in the wake of Miss Meyer’s blockbuster Twilight saga, the Canadians at Amaya Gaming will be your best friends. The game developer has just released a terrifying game that has shaken up the online slots market with Vampires vs Werewolves™. It’s about time we had a slot machine about vampires, but from there to bringing them face to face with ferocious werewolves, Amaya Gaming has come a long way. We have been attracted by this totally new concept, and we want to tell you what the great final battle between these two opposing energies is all about.

Between bloodsuckers and ferocious beasts, the dice are thrown

It’s a real horror movie, this Vampires vs Werewolves™. You’ll understand that we’re referring to the machine’s literally formidable graphics, as well as the grim and gloomy characters, with a soundtrack that brings a gory side to this slot machine. You can imagine vampires and werewolves everywhere, as well as beautiful young girls bitten by these evil creatures, and the whole panoply of weapons used to combat all these freaks.

But before you annihilate them, you must learn how to bet on this Vampires vs Werewolves™ slot machine. You should know that the slot machine’s functionalities are extremely interesting in terms of betting. You will be able to bet from $0.02 to $5 to get chips. As far as real money bets are concerned, you can bet between $0.02 and $500, which is not bad for players of various budget levels. You’ll understand that the higher your bets, the better your chances of winning the $187,500 jackpot.

The best thing about it

  • A theme we’ve never seen before.
  • 3 exceptional scatter symbols.
  • 187,500 jackpot to die for.
  • A very successful bonus game.

Worst feature

  • No free spins, although very well compensated.
  • Choose your side.

Avoid the dark to hit the jackpot

Welcome, delicious bonus symbols. Right off the bat, you can benefit on a promotional level from Amaya Gaming’s Vampires vs Werewolves™ slot machine. We can safely say this, as you are entitled to a bonus symbol, three Scatter symbols and a bonus game. We imagine this is all intended to compensate for the absence of free spins on the machine. A real flaw on Amaya Gaming’s part. Let’s start with the three scatter symbols, if you don’t mind. You need to know that this trio walks in a group to offer you winning combinations. They will almost always appear on the fifth reel. The symbols are as follows: a werewolf, a vampire and the machine’s logo. Note that all the symbols have a cross on them, which will allow you to get winning combinations by matching them with the scatter symbols.

The icing on the cake is the bonus game, or the final showdown if you prefer. The bonus will be achieved by the appearance of three Scatter symbols on the following reels: 2, 3 and 4. You will then be thrust onto a social game board, where you will have to choose your favourite pawn, i.e. the vampire or the werewolf. You will then have to roll the dice to advance your pawn to the final jackpot. We are obliged to mention that your Wild symbol is none other than the girl bitten on the neck, which will give you an advantage in achieving winning combinations.

Author: Nola Bowes

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