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Slot Machine Review: Space Invasion

Earth is under attack, and you are its last hope!

Win or lose but no free spins

Space Invasion, here is a little-known game that deserves to be more in the limelight. This title, developed by Chartwell (now Amaya) in May 2012, offers solid gameplay that will particularly excite old arcade game fans. Indeed, beneath its slot machine feel, Space Invasion offers a very cartoonish setting. Indeed, even if it is certainly not intended to do so, since the creation of this game by Chartwell, Space Invasion will remind us of the cartoon “Les Zinzins de l’Espace”, a 104-episode TV series created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud and Philippe Traversa, which was very popular in France. Space Invasion is presented in the same style. Very humorous and enjoyable to play, this slot machine is halfway between the mechanical slots of yesteryear. The only thing that remains classic is the single payline that makes it up. We are very proud to present Space Invasion.

  • Name Space Invasion.
  • Amaya Gaming Software.
  • Type Classic Slots.
  • Desktop compatible Yes.
  • Mobile compatible no.
  • Tablet compatible no.

Have fun with the little green men

Get ready to go where no human being has ever set foot before. Prior to its acquisition by Amaya, Chartwell Gaming created this title that blends humour and science fiction for its users. Space Invasion invites you to take the controls of a spaceship and travel the galaxy. During your journey, you will encounter alien creatures with somewhat comical faces, but you must keep your wits about you and keep a cool head. Your mission is to get rich and to do so, you will have to hit the jackpot. In addition to arcade-like gameplay that will remind you of times gone by, Space Invasion is supported by very entertaining scenery and graphics. The game’s control panel is also very well thought out and almost goes unnoticed because it is so seamlessly integrated into the game. Seven icons allow you to earn credits in Space Invasion: the green alien, the blue alien, the red alien, as well as three different planets and a special Wild symbol that we will describe below.


  • A spaceship loaded with prizes.
  • 4,000 reward at the end of your mission.
  • Risk lovers, you have 1 chance to win.

The worst

  • Too traditional for fans of the game.
  • Bonus game disappeared into a black hole.

Use the buttons on your spaceship’s control panel to adjust your bets. You can bet the number of credits you want and even attribute any value you want to them. In this slot machine, bets range from 1 $ cent to $5. You can choose the currency of your choice between the $, the pound sterling and the US dollar.

Laser swords will get you out of trouble

There is one symbol that will not escape your attention: it is one that bears the sign “Win”. This symbol plays three different roles: first, it is a Wild and can therefore replace any other icon on the screen. In this role, the Wild will also double the amount of your possible winnings. Secondly, in association with another Wild symbol, the player will see his winnings quadrupled. Finally, three symbols bearing the “Win” sign on the game’s single payline will unlock the slot machine’s $20,000 jackpot. While this classic slot machine isn’t overly lavish on bonuses, it’s extremely worthwhile thanks to its sizeable jackpot and truly unique style.

Author: Nola Bowes

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